Atomy Toothpaste

hemorrhoid treatment



Definitely Atomy Toothpaste is truly natural and no chemicals and a functional toothpaste…
It helps for…
🐝 Mouth ulcer ( singaw )
🐝 Toothache
🐝 Skin allergies
🐝 Baby rashes
🐝 Burns and wounds
🐝 Hemorrhoids
🐝 Bruises

Atomy’s toothpaste made with propolis 🐝and green tea 🍃 extract leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and clean without an aftertaste.
Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds and is used for its antimicrobial properties to protect the hive—hence the picture of the honey bee on the product.

For order pm me.
If you want to reseller this as a business that’s great too.
Contact me on my email,
hemorrhoid treatment


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