Egg Oil Market 2019 | Strategic Assessment by Top Players – Nutrasal Inc (Arizona, U.S), Avanti Polar Lipids Inc (Alabama, U.S), Harmony Whole Foods Market

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Egg oil is derived from egg yolks and primarily contains triglycerides. Egg oil doesn’t contain egg proteins, but contains high amounts of fats such as omega-6 fatty acids and is thus highly useful in applications such as skin care and hair care. Traditional practices of medicine such as traditional Chinese medicine utilize egg oil in several applications, including eczema, dermatitis, skin ulcers, ringworm, burns, frostbite, and hemorrhoids.

The global egg oil market has three leading application sectors: the food and beverage industry, the cosmetics industry, and the pharmaceuticals sector. Key cosmetic applications of egg oil are as an emulsifier, as egg oil presents the perfect medium to mix different cosmetic components into a consistent formulation.

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The high omega-6 fatty acid content of egg oil also provides significant benefits in skin care, as omega-6 fatty acids play an important role in maintaining skin health and elasticity. Egg oil provides high stability against heat, light, and oxygen, which are the key contaminants cosmetics products manufacturers need to guard against.

The dietary applications of egg oil are centered on the ability of egg oil to improve liver function and digestion. The liver plays a vital role in metabolism, making its welfare vital to the individual. Growing awareness regarding the same is likely to drive the demand from the egg oil market from the food and beverage industry in the coming years. The rising population of geriatrics has also contributed to the rising dietary application of egg oil, as the liver deteriorates with age and can present several issues for geriatric individuals.

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Egg oil which is also called ovum oil or egg yolk oil is a derivative of chicken egg yolks. It primarily contains triglycerides and traces of cholesterol, lecithin and xanthophylls such as zeaxanthin, lutein and immunoglobulins. It doesnot contain any egg protein and can be used for applications such as skin care and hair care. Traditional Chinese medicine use egg oil for eczema, burns, mouth ulcers, dermatitis, tinea capitis, skin ulcers, nasal vestibulitis, ringworm, hemorrhoids and frostbite. Modern method of producing egg oil includes liquid-liquid extraction with the use of solvents such as hexane, chloroform, petroleum ether and ethanol.

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