Passion flower ( జుమికి పువ్వు) పండు గురించి, ఆరోగ్య ప్రయోజనాలు. డిప్రెషన్ కు నిద్రలేమి కి మందు.

hemorrhoid treatment

Passion flower

Apricot Vine, Burucuya, Corona de Cristo… 

Common name: Soi Fah Passion Flower • Hindi: झुमका लता Jhumkalata ৰাধিকা• Manipuri: নাচোম Radhika nachom • Bengali: Jhumkalata

Passion flower is a climbing vine that is native to the southeastern United States, and Central and South America. The above ground parts are used to make medicine.

Some people take passion flower by mouth for sleep problems (insomnia), anxiety, adjustment disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pain, fibromyalgia, relieving opioid withdrawal symptoms, reducing anxiety and nervousness before surgery, and heart failure.

Some people apply passion flower directly to the skin for hemorrhoids, burns, and swelling (inflammation).

In foods and beverages, passion flower extract is used as a flavoring.

How does it work?

The chemicals in passionflower have calming, sleep inducing, and muscle spasm relieving effects.


Possibly Effective for

Anxiety. Some research shows that taking passion flower by mouth can reduce symptoms of anxiety. In fact, it might work as effectively as some prescription medications.

Anxiety before surgery. Some research shows that taking passion flower by mouth can reduce anxiety before surgery when taken 30-90 minutes before surgery. In fact, it might work as effectively as some other treatments for pre-operative anxiety such as melatonin or midazolam.

A psychiatric disorder known as “adjustment disorder with anxious mood.” When used in a multi-ingredient product (Euphytose by EUP), passion flower might help reduce symptoms associated with adjustment disorder with anxious modd. Other herbs in the product are crataegus, ballota, and valerian, which have mild sedative effects, and cola and paullinia, which have stimulant effects. It’s not clear which ingredient or ingredients in the mix are responsible for decreasing anxiety in people with this condition.

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Early research shows that passion flower reduces some symptoms of ADHD in children aged 6-13 years when taken by mouth for 8 weeks. It seems to work about as well as a low dose of the prescription drug methylphenidate

Heart failure. Early research shows that taking a combination of passion flower and hawthorn by mouth for 6 weeks increases six-minute walking distance but not exercise capacity during a bicycle exercise in people with mild heart failure.

Trouble sleeping (insomnia). Early research shows that drinking a passionflower tea an hour before bedtime for 7 nights improves people’s ratings of their sleep quality. Also, taking a product containing passion flower, valerian, and hops (NSF-3 by M/s Tablets India) by mouth for 2 weeks improves sleep similar to zolpidem in people with insomnia.

Opioid withdrawal. Early research shows that taking a passion flower extract in addition to a drug called clonidine for 14 days might reduce anxiety symptoms better than taking clonidine alone in people undergoing an opioid detoxification program.

Dr. Venkata Seshaiah.
hemorrhoid treatment


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  1. Ramakrishna K
    Ramakrishna K says:

    Dr గారు నమస్కారం. ఈ మొక్క ఎక్కడ దొరుకుతుంది. నేను రాజమండ్రి లో ఉన్నాను. కడియం లో దొరుకుతుందా?

  2. Satyanarayana Kureti
    Satyanarayana Kureti says:

    -మీరు ఎన్నో రకముల ఔషధ విలువలున్న ఆకులు, పువ్వులు మరియు పండ్లు
    -యాత్రలు, దేవాలయములు
    -రుచికరమైన అనేక రకముల వంటలు
    పరిచయం చేస్తున్నారు.

    -అన్నింటికీ మించి హోమియోపతి వైద్యం గురించి అవగాహన కలిపిస్తూ, ఎవరికి వారు స్వయంగా, సులభంగా, అవసరానికి తగినట్లుగా మందులను ఎంచుకొని వాడుకునే విధంగానూ, అవసరమైతే ఫోనులో మిమ్మల్ని సంప్రదించి ధైర్యంగా వ్యాధులనెదుర్కునే విధంగా మీరు మార్గదర్శనం చేస్తున్నారు.
    మీయొక్క అనుభవం పదిమందికి ఉపయోగపడాలనే మీఆకాంక్షకి
    🙏 ధన్యవాదములు🙏

    లబ్ధి పొందుతున్న మేమంతా మీకు సదా ఋణపడి ఉంటాము🙏


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