Instructive Utility Trundle Jungle Game

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  1. Edwards Ramos
    Edwards Ramos says:

    This is why I love you. You challenge people by being strict with them in a good way and give a strong valid points. Had to unsub from Swiftie cause all he ever does is bitch to his viewers and the people he plays with.

  2. Kredens Awangardy
    Kredens Awangardy says:

    Are you always this chill and calm in your streams and provide such an interesting monologue/discussion? If yes then I surely have to stop watchting you on YouTube only – I didn't even realise that half an hour passed so quickly while watching this gameplay. English is not my first language so I can also learn a lot from you because you have a really clean voice and pronunciation. Huge respect for you Eric

  3. 丶野凉橙
    丶野凉橙 says:

    bro why u left a small raptor alive, im not a jg main and i cant come up with a reason

    edit: ur trundle with no aoe early, u wont be farming raptors at all in early game, plus graves good at invading and has faster clear on raptors. so the thought would be like 'idont get it, so i dont give it to him'. is that why? 0.0

  4. Janez Zuzek
    Janez Zuzek says:

    Hey i am only at the beginning of the video so you might anwser this later on….Did you intentionally leave one raptor alive so you can focus top side without being punsihed by graves?( give him xp / gold lead)


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