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Hey best friends this is part two of my lalie diaries and this time around you get to meet all my cousins.

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Happy Day by Ginger
hemorrhoid treatment


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  1. Buhle Lupindo
    Buhle Lupindo says:

    Shout out to my cousins for allowing me to take videos of them. 😘💕

    The response to the vlogs has been amazing. Thank you so much for watching guys 😘😘 love you Choza Bozas.

  2. Philiswa Xaki
    Philiswa Xaki says:

    Choza… Had a dream about you… You were hosting an event mtase.. So much energy… Having the time of ur life. Confirmation that sisayakude😘. An affirmation from me to u ❤️

  3. Simamnkele Magaba
    Simamnkele Magaba says:

    Ncooo maan, this video made me miss EC moments with my cousins… These family gathering are much needed, best experience to escape to city ukhe uphole apha entloko…love the Luphindos 👏👏… Ingudu ezintathu😂😂😂yagowisha Joe 😅


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