Is Cayenne Pepper An Effective Hemorrhoids Cure?

hemorrhoid treatment

Cayenne pepper is a powerful and pure stimulant that doesn’t have any narcotic effect. It increases the power of the pulse and carries blood to all body parts. Moreover, it equalizes and restores the balance of circulation throughout the body. As a hemostat, it is very effective in stopping the flow of blood from a cut or wound and it also helps to relieve pain.

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  1. asdcano12345
    asdcano12345 says:

    Everyone has the valuable gift to get stronger–but not many actually use it. Copy and paste into Google Morsch Muscle Madness and discover how to utilize your gift.

  2. Zachery B. Williams
    Zachery B. Williams says:

    Thank you for the video.
    I have fought along with serious external hemorrhoids for more than 10 years till I've finally found a cure from here.
    You need to take a look on it

  3. Metsada007
    Metsada007 says:

    Hi, I know something that can even cure hemorrhoids, it's really simple. Eat about 1 tablespoon fresh dill – chew and swallow with some water. This should be done 15 minutes before your daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). After 1-2 weeks you will notice a huge difference. You can do it for a month max. You can do this a couple of times a year if needed. There are many people who have found tremendous relief with this method by a famous Turkish Professor of chemistry and herbal medicine.

  4. Twisted86
    Twisted86 says:

    I have never tried to be honest with you. I would ask truthgladiator he is on youtube and is better informed than I am on this matter. You should be able to see his video at the top right of the videos.

  5. IWantToKnowChrist
    IWantToKnowChrist says:

    @Twisted86 i was wondering i hear everybody using ground red cayan for circuloation and health benefits and even this hemmeroid treatment thing, but i actually have a home garden full of fresh cayan, and was wondering if that would work just as well.

  6. Twisted86
    Twisted86 says:

    Add it directly to your hemorrhoids and within 1 use you will see a benefits, if you have the balls to keep doing it for a month (1 day on 1 day recover) you will notice great results.

    I wont lie though even with 40,000 BTU it feels like your burning a hole into your ass.


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