hemorrhoid treatment

1)Do not burst the hemorrhoid because it is a blood vessel.
2)FIBER. Take in more vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water. With more fiber in your body, passing motion will not require you to push and have constipation.
3)When passing motion, do NOT push, but relax and slowly let the faeces out. By doing this, you put less tension around the hemorrhoid area and this relaxes the swollen hemorrhoid.
4)What I applied helps a lot to me. I used Petroleum Jelly which you can conveniently get from convenient stores. This does not hurt your hemorrhoid, which is really healthy for the swollen area. This lessens the soreness you feel. Keep applying it after the shower at night.
5)If you are a female, wearing a pad will help to give a cushion to your hemorrhoid. If you are a male, you can always resort to something cotton-ish and soft. So that your hemorrhoid can relax and also be supported. This may seem silly but it helps a lot. Remember that you are dealing with a swollen area that must not be agitated but relaxed.
6)Drinking prune juice and Yakult drinks helps you to have fiber in your body and this helps you to pass motion easily and in a relaxed manner. Rather than the unhealthy pushing that we are used to. (Don’t push)
7)After passing motion, always remember to spray cold/warm water against your hemorrhoid. You can take at least 1 min or less to spray, and to keep it cool. This helps lessen soreness.
8)Stop using dried tissues to wipe your bottom after passing motion. When water is involved, it helps to remove all bits of faeces and that is much more hygienic and will not cause irritation. You can either spray against your anus, or use wet tissues when you are outside.
9)When sleeping, the best way to relax your hemorrhoif is to sleep without your pants on. This, again, sounds very silly, but advised by my mother, it helps. Because it gives air to your swollen area, instead of being so stuffed up. (under a blanket of course)

After 4 days of pain, the 5th day the pain started to go off. And by the 6th I do not feel pain. However, it is still important to continue the home treatment in order for further improvement in healing. Currently, it has shrunk in size and it became softer as well. Currently there is no pain at all.

You are all in my prayers! Hope this helps you. Please do not just listen to all those unnecessary online books/medicines. sometimes, home treatment really helps. you need patience to HEAL. Do not let desperation blind you from simple yet effective home treatment. God bless!
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hemorrhoid treatment


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