18 Reasons Why…..Cooked Food Is Now My Enemy

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Well my time with daily cooked food eating has definitely come to an end after seeing all these small tragedies. I’m just too sensitive right now to make it work. Tune in to find out why cooked food is my enemy.

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Hi 👋🏼 my name is Jamie Dunson. I’m having so much fun sharing my raw vegan fruitarian journey on Instagram that I decided it’s time to reach out to you kind folks over here on YouTube!

I became a vegan overnight after watching What The Health. Two weeks later I became a raw vegan fruitarian on July 26, 2017 after listening to Dr. Morse. I’ve been searching for the answer to eradicate my acne rosacea since I first was diagnosed in 2013. I was on fire 🔥 to heal and nothing was gonna stop me. I also have a long laundry list of problems that I’ve been plagued with over the years that all stemmed from eating the Standard American Diet Aka SAD diet. I never could accept that I was gonna be stuck with these problems for the rest of my life. Health is everything. When we lose that, we are essentially useless. Here’s just some of the issues that have been a nuisance in my life.

Acne Rosacea
Ingrown toenails
Spider veins
Joint pain
Loose skin
Tension headaches
Cold sores
Low energy

Eventually these problems will go away. I fully believe that God is the ultimate healer in this world. So it was easy for me to go back to the way He intended for all of us to eat. (Gen 1:29) Fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Although I do not currently indulge in nuts yet.

I hope my journey can help inspire others to wake up to the dangers of what their putting in their mouths. Our genetics do not define us. We have the capability to change our lives with the food we eat.



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  1. Gabs
    Gabs says:

    The ONLY way I was able to heal my gut was with a combination of juice cleansing and daily dry fasting for 1 – 3 months. The gut unfortunately really doesnt heal if you continue to eat. I know it can be such a struggle but sending you blessing 💛

  2. Deepak Guttal
    Deepak Guttal says:

    The only reason Harley hasn't seen any negatives from eating insane quantities of rice and cooked in general is because he has never cleansed/detoxed/fasted for an extended period. He is just an addict who is in denial. I am on day 94 of my juice feast and it is insane what's still coming outta me. My mind still keeps me taking back to cooked food even now, the cooked food addiction/ craving is very deep seated in us humans.

  3. My Fruit Thing
    My Fruit Thing says:

    Great video! Ya, it is a big difference eating cooked stuff. I know a lot of cooked food triggers my yeast problems big time. I have also noticed how addicting cooked foods are. I try to avoid anything that has an addictive nature and or triggers my issues. Once you know, it helps to have a why we need to avoid it. It looks nice shorter 🙂 It grows back.

  4. Nadia Iris
    Nadia Iris says:

    sometimes it's the pesticides..ive been reacting randomly to a few raw vegetables and fruits. I cant tolerate dates, coconuts, zucchini, or nuts and seeds. Im very limited but i do eat steamed vegetables also because i can tolerate it. my body also starts craving greens randomly when i do only fruits so long

  5. Healing Grace
    Healing Grace says:

    Remember it can be the metals as well .. the amalgam fillings! It can be a lot to do with the gut as well ..the heavy metals are in the gut as well!… You are gonna get it honey ☺️❤️🙏
    Loooooooove your hair … love it!


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