All You Did not Know About 3 Hemorrhoid Creams – How to Apply Cream!

hemorrhoid treatment

All You Did not Know About 3 Hemorrhoid Creams – How to Apply Cream!

Hemorrhoids are produced by the inflammation of the vessels or veins of the anus. It’s a very annoying problem and to cure it there is a variety of cream from which a selection has been made among the most effective.

Generally they are of free sale and can be obtained according to their type in pharmacies or naturist stores.

This type of cream are for external use and basically its use is for the purpose of reducing the inflammation in the area and the pain caused as a consequence.

#1 Natural Aloe Vera Cream
Aloe Vera is a plant with many medicinal properties to help heal diverse cases: burns, stains, problems in digestion, fever among others.

Hemorrhoid cream based on aloe vera can be purchased at health food stores or prepared at home. Reduces inflammation and repairs the tissues of the area, so you feel relief in a few hours. For your application take a quantity and place it on the affected area and let it act for at least 3 hours.

#2 Creams of Corticosteroids
Cortisone is a steroid hormone and its function is to reduce inflammatory processes. Medications containing cortisone come in 3 presentations: topical, oral or injected.

This cream has the double function of reduce inflammation and the pain by its analgesic component. It’s recommended to use in case of external and inflamed hemorrhoids.

It should be placed once a day on the completely clean area. To avoid side effects use should not exceed 8 days.

#3 Lidocaine or Benzocaine Creams
Lidocaine is also known as xylocaine and is an analgesic for local use and acts with a moderate anesthetic effect.
Lidocaine is widely used in dentistry, before applying epidural anesthesia and is also used in veterinary medicine. Benzocaine also has an anesthetic effect.

Once placed in the area of hemorrhoids based on Lidocaine or benzocaine, give a feeling of almost instant improvement by its anesthetic effect.


#4 Antihemorrhoidal Cream Tribenoside and lidocaine

The pharmacological component Tribenoside is indicated for the treatment of varicose syndrome by improving the blood circulation in the veins, plus Lidocaine that has an anesthetic effect is an excellent combination for a topical cream

The antihemorrhoidal cream has a local analgesic effect that acts immediately.

This hemorrhoid cream should be applied in a thin layer 2 or 3 times a day over the completely neat area.


According to the characteristics of the hemorrhoids select the cream that best fits your illness and for best results read the instructions carefully and them the letter.

hemorrhoid treatment


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